March 9, 2010

Well worn texture...mmmm! if my day couldn't get any better yesterday (read yesterday's post!)  I just HAVE to say it did!!

I went out to get that last missing handle for the bedroom dresser and then, on the way home, my car automatically turned into the parking lot of the nearest thrift store ( I so hate it when it does that!) Feeling totally overpowered by the threat of a possible treasure not being discovered if I didn't go in...I braved it and went. And it's a darn good thing I did!!

Look what I found (I totally scooped this before the other lady looking at it...which initially made me feel kinda guilty...but once I got it home I got over it!!) that texture!

I also love the little architectural details on this piece

I actually don't think I want to paint this one as I really do love the chippy paint (I surprised me too, but it happens to be the perfect color for my living room) but I am not crazy about the gross rope handles. Maybe I will add some jute ones (these ones currently there used to be yellow & white rope but now are pretty grungy looking) but my hubby is voting for real hardware. What do you think?

Metal handles or rope handles?


  1. I'm really liking the rope handles. They go nicely with the chippy it a cool carefree kind of feel...very nice.
    ;-) Rebecca

  2. I really like the rope handles, too, but some strong white material ones would be great, also. Whatever you do... OMYGoodness, this is a great piece. So glad your vehicle has a mind of its on! HeeHee, Lezlee