Antiquing an old frame

When I saw these frames at the thrift store I just knew they could be so much cooler with a new paint into the basket they went! 

When I got home they didn't sit in the "to tackle" pile for long! I quickly ripped them apart...

...and gave them a fresh coat of primer (I used Kilz spray primer for approx. $5 a can and I used about 1/2 a can to get in all the nooks & crannies)

When you prime something, you HAVE to finish it can't just leave it naked! So next I mixed up some glazing liquid (this allows you to work with your paint longer before it this stuff! It is about $10 for a pint) It is a clear product, so I just added some cheap grey paint from the craft store.

Using a fat brush I smeared...yup smeared the paint onto the frame, making sure I worked it into all the little valleys...the more ornate your frame the more you have to work it baby!!

These were pretty small frames so I could work on the whole frame at one time....if you have a larger project work in smaller sections at a time.

Once you have your glaze on, wipe off the excess with an old cloth or t-shirt...but don't wipe too hard or you will have to start all over again! YOU can add more glaze if you want it darker in some areas.

Here you can see how the glaze settled into the valleys...nice!

And here is the finished project:

Cost for project:

frames: 4.00
Primer: 2.50
glaze: 3.00
acrylic paint: 2.00


Thanks for stopping by!