August 19, 2010

Before & After

I thought it was time to share a little 

before and after 

of this weird hallway we have in our house. 

This hallway does not really

 go anywhere other than a huge pantry area 

and the door to my oldest son's room.

 In is pretty much a dead end! 

It was also pretty much f-ugly!!

 I actually liked the buttery yellow 

they had in here but it needed a fresh coat 

and I wanted to finish the wall of 

beadboard they had left unpainted

(around the pantry doors)

for some reason. So, I picked 

Martha Stewart's "Haystack" as my color 

and it was a perfect match!!

Next I peeled off the lovely 80's wallpaper

and replaced it with the Waverly 

paper I used in the adjoining hallway.

The previous owners left mirrors all over the house,

 but since they were much shorter than 

both my husband and myself, 

they were hung very low!! 

So down they came. I may be 

able to re-use them somewhere else so they will 

get carted off to the barn!!

I wanted this hallway to be the place for 

the kids to hang their backpacks and lunch bags

since it is right near the kitchen and 

also they won't make a mess in the front entry 

(which is a little...cozy!)

My wonderful hubby came up with this solution to the 

issue of hanging the packs:

I am still trying to decide if there needs to be 

something above the old barn door 

or if it ok the way it is.



  1. I love it, maybe something with the kids names, numbers or a mirror, for a last check before going out? but, I wouldn't want to busy it up too much and hide it, because it looks great!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this great project, I am sharing it with everyone this week :)!