August 12, 2010

One thing at a time

We are back from holiday!!

I am up to my armpits in laundry...

the fridge crapped out while we were away....

the garden is a jungle....

and last nite the upstairs bathroom flooded 

into the downstairs one when the 

kids were showering.


home sweet home!

We DID have a great holiday though!!

On our way to BC we pulled over at 

this cool old ghost town called Nordegg, Alberta

and I couldn't resist taking photos of 

one of my favorite subjects

{DOORS...old doors actually!}

so I thought I would share 

some with you today.

I wish the pediment was still above this door...

great old church door

must have been the old school!

old abandoned garage

hello...anyone home??

aqua favorite

I am not sure why I love 

old doors so much my they really 

do appeal to me... so thanks 

for putting up with my obsession!

Hopefully I survive the estimates 

of what needs fixing

around here and then I have to tackle 

the rhubarb, peas, and beans

that have gone jungle on me.

Breathe deeply...

just one thing at a time!



  1. Such wonderful photos of doors, Karen!!! You know, I never really pay attention to them, but you really draw out their beauty! I think I will be paying more attention now! Thank you for opening my eyes!

    I hope you are able to recover quickly from all the haps! Like you said, one thing at a time...that's all you can do! Hope all goes well!

    You have a beautiful garden! Thank you for the relish recipe ~ Looks delicious! I will definitely be giving that a try!


  2. They're beautiful!! Great photos!

  3. I have a love for doors too, check out my newest one I just posted about :) Great photos....I have to say that the aqua ones are my favorite.

  4. Gorgeous pictures.
    So sorry for all the icky stuff happening.
    Deep breaths... it'll all work out. And eat some chocolate. I heard it helps.

  5. So what is happening now??? LOL! Always something isn't there? Keeps life interesting that is for sure. Great pictures, one of those "whenever God closes a door, He opens a window..." kind of things maybe?? Take care!!