Simple Window Project

I have this wonderful antique window sitting on the dresser in my bedroom (it's been there about 6 months!). I love the weathered patina, the size, it's texture...everything about it. That is...everything except it does not seem to stand out quite as much as I want it to. It needed something extra. So one day while blog surfing I came across the idea to add burlap to the back of a window and, while I live burlap, I didn't think it was quite what I was looking for. I wanted something softer...maybe a bit romantic (I am the only female in a house with 4 males...remember? lol) and feminine. I am not a frilly frou-frouish gal, but little softness is appreciated around here!!

So I decided to take one of my (thrifted) vintage pillowcases and use that as my fabric to add on the back. Additional supplies: scissors and upholstery stapler.

It was hard making that first cut...but I had to because it was about an inch too narrow and I needed to open it up all the way. So I snipped my way up one side and across the end, opened it up and cracked out the iron and pressed it open as best I could. 

The I started in the top corner and anchored the fabric...not too close to the edge. I worked along the top, then the bottom and pulled it snug (not too tight as vintage fabric can tear easily!). Then I worked on each of the sides.

My pillowcase was a little longer than the glass, but I didn't trim it until after I had it all stapled in place! 

I did this for two reasons:

1. I am notorious for underestimating!!

2. Having the extra length gives me more to hang onto as 
I pull the fabric tight when stapling.

I love how the fabric allows some light through. Doesn't the pattern look sweet next to the rough wood of the frame?

And here it is back in the bedroom. Now it looks "right" to me!!

I can't believe it took me almost 6 months to do this little project...but now it's DONE and I love how it turned out!!