March 14, 2010

Gone, baby gone....

Well..I am both happy & sad that my dresser sold so quickly ... yup.. the very one I just finished on Monday!! I'm happy because I made some money on that project, but also sad because it went so quickly (it was a beautiful dresser!) and I didn't get to appreciate her for very long!! lol

Oh well...I do have a lovely french provincial one I will be working on this coming week so I will have somewhere to put my clothes besides laundry baskets!! lol is today's victim ....erm...project that I am working on. It is a lovely old cabinet and hutch. The original backing board was gross and they had drilled really big holes for electrical gadgets I was the first thing to go. I have some bead board I will be adding for a new backing.

She has lovely curves for the shelf supports and nice dove-tail joints on the drawers. When buying used, older furniture it is important to buy pieces that will continue to stand the test of time!!

She got a good sanding, priming, and then I started to add some color. I originally thought of doing white, but then remembered I found this lovely duck-egg blue in the mis-tints. Here is a sneak peek:

Please excuse the rest of my messy workspace....we are pretty full of inventory right now waiting to be re-done (yeah...I need to get on that!) Oh...and I got a few emails asking to see the rest of that sweet cabinet we scored yesterday (she almost ended up on a burn pile believe it or not!)

I am going to need a lot of elbow grease for this baby...but she is solid for her age and the fact she spent an entire Edmonton winter outdoors!!! The two outer doors I am hoping to add chicken wire and then paint up the rest. It's too bad most of the handles are missing...they are a lovely red bakelite and it looks like the interior of the cupboard was once red as well. Oh well....nothing a few coats of paint can't fix!

Ok...I need to get kids fed, lunches made for tomorrow, and I somehow I need to find room in the garage for the windows we scored yesterday before boy children in the neighborhood find them!!


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