March 8, 2010

Are Monday's better than chocolate?

Today being a Monday I sent my kids off to school to start a new week...and I have to say it was an unusually good Monday today...better than chocolate even!! I don't know what is was, but my boys were the bloody Bickerson's all weekend long and it was really getting to me! lol

Anyways...on a more cheery  note, I am so excited about finishing my weekend project so I could share it with you! This weekend I transformed this:

into this:

Ok...tell me you didn't actually notice that I am missing a handle down there in the corner, right?? lol
I could have sworn I put 12 handles in my basket but...oops!! Guess I need to go back to that big orange box store and grab another one!

Here is a close up of the de-stressing distressing I did:

I have to say I love the transformation from dark & heavy, to bright and white...but my hubby just isn't feeling the love. He said " just painted it white....and then sanded it off??" 
He doesn't get it....

Anyways, I am sharing this here

and here

and here!

Oh...and here too!

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Hope your Monday is better than chocolate, too!


  1. Very pretty. It certainly lightens it up. Hubby's mostly don't get it but then I don't always get them.

  2. Well, I like it! Husbands need many years of training to "get" it.


  3. I am SO looking for an old dresser that's waiting for me to give it a makeover. I can't wait for yard sales to start up!

    Happy Met Monday!

  4. Oh wow!!! That looks fabulous! Great job :)

  5. Karen, it looks fabulous, even minus the last pull ha! Men, in general, don't get painting wood. It's one of their many flaws ha!

    It is a great piece! You did a beautiful job!


  6. Well done. I love it!!! Yeah my hubby doesn't get it either.