March 18, 2010

Cross that one off the list!

Earlier this week I shared my "to do" list 

that was long and not completed....

and I am so glad to hear I am not the only one

who never finishes them!!

However...we DO love our lists don't we ladies!! lol

I am happy to say that I finally DID finish the list...finally!

(but a new one has already started for next week!!)

Anyways, this is the china cabinet/hutch that I have been working on this week

After cleaning it, sanding, and priming it...

I painted it a lovely robin's egg blue,

added the little wood scrolly thing,

and also added wood bead board to the back,

(the old backing was disgusting!)

...and then distressed it,

and gave it 2 coats of Poly!!


Isn't she lovely???

I will have to tell you another time about the cool old flour sacks

I came upon last week. If anyone wants one, 

let me know and I may add them to my etsy shoppe.

Ok....I am sharing this here:



  1. very lovely, sweet color. If I do something that is not on my list I put it down so I can mark it off! lol Lezlee

  2. Very pretty and perfect in that little space!

  3. THIS is BEAUTIFUL, I Love It!!! :)

  4. I have a blue hutch and truly, truly believe that any hutch of any size will look better if it's blue. Yours is a beauty. Great job. Hope you will have time to come take our tour of the Architectural Digest Home Design show. -- Jane F.

  5. I love the color and it looks fabulous with your ironstone and the flour sack. Bravo

  6. YES! She is beautiful. I love the color and your great ironstone peices!

  7. Love the new colour. She looks beautiful now.

  8. great job! I love this color

  9. WoW! THat is an amazing transformation! I LOVE the new family room is robin egg blue!

  10. You did a wonderful job. I painted my buffet a very similar color. I am going to include a link to this post in my Inspire My Saturday post tomorrow.


  11. i love that color, i am just getting ready to paint a dresser that color too. i love your blog, it seems that we like a lot of the same things - i am a new blog so i havent posted too much yet, but come say hi sometime :)

    New follower!!

    Sausha @ {show & tell}

  12. Wonderful job!!! Love it and I love the flour sack! You should put them in your shop!

  13. Your hutch turned out beautiful. I love the Robin's Egg Blue color a lot.

  14. Love the color and the bead board! Great job.

  15. That is amazing, you did an incredible job! Love it!!!

  16. Karen --
    That is simply beautiful! I love it. The color is amazing.

    Thanks so much for linking it up. Your blog is beautiful!


  17. New to your blog via Tater this!! I will be adding you to my blog read list...can't wait to see what else will be on your list! lol Beautiful!!


  18. Beautiful! I just officially started my own refinishing business and (it's so much fun!) it was wonderful to stumble on your blog! Nice to meet you -shaunna :)

  19. It looks so pretty! I am in love with thc color and the sign on top. It always feels good to cross something off, doesn't it?