March 21, 2010

It's all about Balance...right?

So last nite was date nite with my wonderful hubby.

So we decided to watch a movie at home.

Sounds good so far, right?

Well...he picked the movie "District 9"

and for those of you who have seen it...

it's not a romantic cuddle on the couch type of movie!!

So, I decided to work on a project

while watching the movie!

Earlier in the week I had seen a sweet project by Lola B 

involving a ruffled lamp shade...

I could do that!!

(espcially since I had already loaded up 

on supplies for it on Friday)


I had 5 packages of this:

and a thrift store lamp that had a cool

 lampshade but it need a bit of freshening up!

So...I did a whole lot of this

and ended up with a whole lotta this

Here is the first row going on

and starting the second row

making sure they overlap ever so little...

and it keeps going and going...

until I run out....darn it!!

I guess my lamp shade was taller than I thought...

(oops...please excuse the hole filler on the wall)

15 yards of the bias tape was not enough!!

But it was so easy to do....

and I think I can finish it up on Monday nite if

I get to the store to buy more supplies!

Question: hubby says he "doesn't mind the 

ruffly looks good"

Do you think that is a compliment??


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  1. Love it :-) I like the base of the lamp too, wish I could find something like that at my Goodwill, they always seem to be so 70'ish there!
    I watched District 9 a few weeks ago with hubby... what a weird movie!

  2. I had seen Kaseys lampshade and thought it was terrific! Yours looks just as great! It shouldn't take much more, right? :) Nice job!

  3. Funny!

    Sounds like my own husband.

    Scribbler at

  4. Karen-This is SO cute!! I do think your husband meant it as compliment (in his own way, of course :)I wish I had learned to sew!

  5. cute shade...and spoken like a true hubby that knows how to stay out of trouble!!!ha! i've got one of those too (husbands, not lampshades)!

  6. Cute shade makes me want to take up sewing again, its been 20 years omg I cant believe that! District 9 left my hubby on the couch by himself too!