March 13, 2010

Knock Knock!

I love getting free stuff...

um...yeah...who doesn't?? lol

It is even better when you find more treasures than anticipated! 

Case in point:

On the way to pick up what was to be 10 old wooden frame windows (for FREE...thank you Kijiji!) we passed a ton of old abandoned barns/homesteads. My hubby casually said "I bet there is a bunch of cool old stuff in those" and then kept driving.

My brain got excited about that casual comment...he should know better than that!

Anyways, we picked up the windows (which actually ended up being closer to 20) and also scored a bunch of old weathered wood....and a cool cabinet that was just sitting out in this guy's back yard!!

You can't actualy see all the windows...but there are a lot of them. Big ones...small ones...some with just one big pane of glass....some with multi-panes. All because I put a simple WANT ad on Kijiji (a friend of Craig's)

And then we started driving home.

One old barn...whoosh gone.

Another broken down house....bye bye.

And then my hubby pulled over at an old abandoned homestead...and scored me some cool doors!

Seriously...they were just laying there ready to grow grsss or something this spring! If there were actually inhabited houses around that we could knock and ask for the doors we would have.... but you have to remember I live in Alberta and things are pretty spread out once you get out of a city.

My hubby loves me so much!!



  1. Oh my gosh, my heart started racing -- LITERALLY -- when I saw this post. Free old windows!!! Free old doors (I can't even look).
    You're really speaking my language. Lucky, lucky, lucky you!!!

  2. So nice that hubby helps you gather up your goodies. Happy Pink Saturday!