March 1, 2010

Sunday snowstorm...sorta!

Sunday....a day when I often feel inspired to work on projects, but often don't have time for.

Example: this box of frames and other knick-knacks that have been waiting to be primed for re-painting!
It has been sitting down in my studio all week as I slowly find more pieces to add to it and (eventually) haul out to the garage to spray on a nice coat of white primer. This week I was really itching to get to it because of the lovely little frames I bought this week:

Anyways, I quickly took them apart and added them to my primer project box. My goal was to prime ALL of the pieces before starting on this ONE project!! lol Our black lab (Leo) was supervising me as I laid out all of the pieces on an old vinyl tablecloth in the garage....don't worry...he left before I started painting!

I use Kilz primer in a spray can. I know, I know...they're bad for the environment but I don't want to clog up my good paint sprayer with yucky primer. Besides, Kilz in the big can is so thick you need to water it down lots to even get it through the sprayer. Time consuming & messy!!

A snowstorm of white!

Here is the little project I had in mind with those gold frames:

Monogram R frame is for my hubby Ron....and obviously the K is for me! I want to show you the side profile of mine....yummy! I love how ornate these little frames are!

Here I hung Ron's on his side of the bed....

...and mine is over here.

I am going to write up a little tutorial this week on how I did the project from start to finish.
Until then...I need to work on all the other goodies I primed for other projects!!

Oh...and I am going to share this over on BNOTP's Metamorphosis Monday (my first time playing!)



  1. Really pretty frames. I love the monograms on them.

    I invite you to visit my blog and take part in a giveaway that I am having. It is in honor of my grand opening of my new Etsy store: T's Treasures.

  2. What a great project--love the initials in them. thanks so much for linking up and checking your link to make sure it worked :). When I first came to the link, it didn't show a place to leave a comment. I had to go to your home page to do that so you may want to check on that.