March 18, 2010 name is Karen and I am a perfectionist

I was so excited....

I was almost done a new piece for the shoppe and then I saw I made an oops....

at first you don't notice it....

...but I guess I was in a rush to put this one together and I didn't realize I still had some wet paint 

on the back side of the frame. 

Dang nabbit...

Now I need to start all over again.

It sucks to be a perfectionist!!


UPDATE: The crisis has been averted and a new (smudge-free) piece has successfully been added to my shoppe. Thank you for putting up with this high-strung perfectionist!! lol


  1. Am I missing the smudge? Is it white? I swear it looks perfect to me. But I know what you mean, you slave over a project and just when you think you're done there is a glaring oopsie staring you square in the face.

  2. To answer your question...yes, you are a perfectionist cuz I don't see the smudge! It looked perfectly beautiful to me!!!

  3. Oh my goodness!
    Next time you have a smudge, just put a couple of others somehow and it will look like you planned it. Sometimes accidents help us come up with new ideas. Might be the cutest thing you have ever seen!

    Sent from a recovering perfectionist!


    barbara jean =)

  4. It looks lovely to me, too!

  5. That is the prettiest smudge I've NEVER seen!