March 22, 2010

Refreshing White!

I did it!!

I finished the ruffled lamp I started this weekend

...and I love it!!

I can see this may be contagious as I am already

scoping out other "boring" lamp shades in the house

 that could use this simple re-do!!

Today was also a perfect day to launder

the slipcover for the living room  couch.

I have three boys,
a black lab,
two cats,
and a hubby....

and a white couch!

It is actually very easy to maintain and I only wash

the covers every few months.

It always is so fresh and pretty right after wash day

and I love the pop of the red cushions on it!

After my morning chores, 

I went out for a bit and came home with this beast!!

While I am not a fan of the artwork itself....

I DO love the old frame...

but that olive green velvet has got to go!!

Here it is with my new artwork in it!

This is youngest son who is 7 1/2.

He is such a ham!

You oughta be in pictures, boy!!

This is a HUGE frame as you can see..

mind you, Adam is also the shortest kid in his grade 2 class!!

Anyways, once this puppy is all sanded she is going

out for a fresh new coat of paint.

After that, I am not sure if it will become a blackboard or

one of those fabric-covered, ribbon on diagonal,

type thingies

(what are they really called?? lol)

that I can put pictures and other momentos in.

I am thinking of hanging it here above my computer desk

as I am not terribly fussed with the current cork boards.

If it is a chalk board, will I want to reach over it

 to write on it...but it would be cool to write

nice quotes or scripture on it for inspiration.

Decisions, decisions....

what do you think?

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  1. Your Adam is so adorable! He could easily be in pictures, or at least a sitcom or film! He's very photogenic!

    Awesome frame. I don't know why but I LOL'ed when I saw the photo of you ripping the velvet off. That must have felt great!

    I so want a slipcover for my sofa. Love how fresh and inviting slipcovers are.


  2. are you kidding me? fab idea!

    lauren at

  3. Hi Karen, I LOVE the lampshade! You can never have enough ruffles! Great frame...have fun finishing up your project!


  4. absolutely delightful! so ruffle-y and cheerful! I am always so happy after I came by! until later... Happy Whites!

  5. YOur lamp is soooo cool! Love that shade... perfect! The frame is going to be great when your finished I'm sure, in the meantime Adam is the perfect work of art in it! Happy WW, Theresa

  6. The lampshade is just darling...and isn't that how it thing just leads to another?
    I love the idea of using your frame for a chalkboard for notes and will be gorgeous!

  7. hi, i'm kathi and i have two boys, a husband, had a black lab and am getting a black lab puppy this summer. . . AND have a white couch! i love it easy to keep clean!
    love that cool! i think it would make a to die for cork board. get some of that pink insulation (it comes in all thickness') and cover it with burlap or a really nice linen. with the size of that frame, you could always hang a small chalkboard on it too! good luck!