March 3, 2010

Happy White Wednesday!

I am once again happy to participate in White Wednesday over at Kathleen's blog Faded Charm. I love looking through all the links and seeing so many beautiful photos. I have to admit that just a few years ago I was NOT a fan of white!! It was everything I could do to splash color everywhere in my house. I think that mostly it came from renting in so many ugly houses & apartments that when we finally bought a house I wanted to make it mine...and that meant adding lots of color!

So skip forward a few years and we are in another new house....but this one was already painted chocolate brown in every room! Now....don't get me wrong...I like chocolate brown, but not in every room!! So when it has come to adding my touch in this house I am surprising myself by choosing neutrals and soft colors! Quite a change from the marigold yellow and red in my last place!! lol

Anyways....I don't have a lot of white photos to share today because the last few days I have been busy starting my etsy shop. I am super excited about it and have tons of items yet to add, but I wanted to give you a head start over there!! Up in the right corner of the sidebar there is a quick link to my shop. Be sure to check back often as I post new items..... there will definitely be some WHITE ones there!!



  1. Beautiful White Wednesday Photo ~ I had a hand mold like that, mine broke, so I turned it into a display piece on My W.W......
    Have a Wonderful Week~

  2. While I didn't play along this week I am just poking your picture. A Happy WW to you! ~ Rebecca

  3. All the luck to you in your new adventure!!!

  4. GL on your new the monogram pics, BTW!

  5. Happy (slightly late) White Wednesday. Beautiful photo of your whites. Love the hand. Now I am heading over to your shop for a look/see. I felt so bad for you with your visit to the dentist to fix a tooth. I had to go yesterday. Let's just say it's not my favorite way to spend a morning. Hope child is all better now and that you have a fabulous weekend.