March 25, 2010

Lady...back awaaay from the candy!

I was taking a few simple shots of 

my Easter set up on the kitchen table...

and when I edited this photo

I realized that my sweet, fuzzy bunny....

actually looks kinda evil!!

Maybe it's because he knows

I will eat all the candy before Easter

if I don't put it away NOW!!

But I had to test a few of

those jelly beans....


I also wanted to show you the boy's 

Easter "baskets" which are actually

galvanized pails from the dollar store!

I didn't want to buy yet another cheap, crappy basket 

or a plastic one either....the boys are

almost getting to the point where they are 

"too old" for the hunt (hey...they're almost 7, 9, and 12...

when do you actually cut them off??)

so I opted for these pails and simply

painted some chalkboard paint on them.

This way I can use them for other

stuff the rest of the year!

I know...

Call me be brilliant! to put away the candy so that spooky

bunny stops giving me the evil eye!


OOPS!! I'm sharing this here:


  1. Hee, hee!
    My son became "too cool" for hunting around 12, now he just helps his little brother!
    I agree with you, how many stinkin' cheesy Easter baskets can you buy? I started using ordinary baskets, but I like your bucket idea too!

  2. This just so cute and utterly creative my dear!

    'Why not';is always a great foundational question when creatively'thinking outside the box'!.., Good for you; why not an Easter 'bucket'!

    Please do pop by for a visit!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  3. Cute...that bunny does have a wild look in his eye...he knows you are about to eat all his jelly beans!

  4. LOL Cute table! If I were you, I'd do what the bunny says! ;-) Love the pail idea, too!

  5. I bought my boys Easter baskets way after they were grown, but sometimes it was a bucket to wash there car with, or to hold there bath supplies in the dorm. I LOVE yours and they can be used later. For along time my 5 kids left out there same baskets year after year on the kitchen table waiting for the Easter Bunny. It was a sweet, and thrifty tradition. Lezlee

  6. I, too, find the Easter candy irresistible! LOVE those pails for your boys' "baskets." My son is 24 and engaged to be married, and this will be the first year he hasn't gotten his Easter basket filled, so I think you have a few years ahead of you!

  7. Love the pails - and yup, I always get a few "extra" Easter goodies for mommy and daddy too. Can't resist. LOL

  8. Ok - Ok -- I'm backing! Those pails for your guys are a brilliant idea! They'll love the "coolness" of them (and more secretly -- the candy too!)

  9. I love all your wonderful ideas. They are all so original. Great job!