July 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday thrift finds

Today was a great day!

We (as in me and my boys) woke up early, 

had some breakfast, and then went off

 to pick up my friend Jocelyn to go for a bit-o-thrifting!!

I am in love with this sweet porcelain 

flower frog & bowl set I found for just 99 cents!

I also found a wooden mantel clock,

 the coolest old curtains 

(made out of what feels like bark cloth)

and an old wooden doll crib

(which will definitely get a new paint job)

that I see holding a collection of old quilts to display, 

or maybe flowers, 


an adorable cat??

I also picked up a few lace doilies

and this towel holder which has 3 removable

dowels so you can hang lots of pretties to display.

I have so many ideas 

whizzing around in my head as 

I am thinking of holding an antique/barn sale 

here at the farm next spring.

Now I just need to get working on this stuff! 

Mind you...that's what our long

 Alberta winter will be good for as 

I tackle all the projects waiting out in my barn!!



  1. I need to find a flower frog so I can display some of my garden blossoms in the house; those that don't go in the rose bowl or a vase...

  2. Hey Karen! I just found your blog from Funky Junk, I to am a thriftaholic and I am just starting my blog. I want to do a "Look What I Found Friday" Party. It would be super great to see you there! Talk to you soon!

    Mandi @ vintage revivals

  3. cute stuff! I just found your blog today and now i will be looking back on your older post to see your cute things!