July 6, 2010

Tell me there's hope!!

Ok...as promised after much adieu, a few photos from the 

inside of our "lovely" 1940's farmhouse.

Caution: you may want to look with an empty stomach 

(so you don't throw up)

and an empty bladder so you don't pee your pants laughing!!

First off: the kitchen

The kitchen is painted a lovely "Pepto Bismol"pink with accents of 

a muddy red, and a sickly skin tone 

color (perhaps created from mixing orange paint with the pink??) 

Also, the previous owers were 

very...how shall I say this....thrifty (not in the good way!!) of using 

spare rolls of wall paper and borders 

and decals throughout the entire house!!

The kitchen does have a few cute features such as a built in 

breakfast nook (sorry, no photo) and these 

awesome cupboards around the stove. 

However, the funky decals have GOT to go!!

There is also a cute built in china hutch and we even 

got to keep the old rotary phone!!

My kids are in awe of a RINGING phone that is not

 just a cell phone ring tone!! LOL

Next up: the main bath

OK...brace yourself for this one!! 

Here we have an enormous 1970's wall-to-wall forest mural 

(can you imagine?? lol) that just cracks me up. 

I remember seeing these in the Sears catalog when I 

was a kid and I thought they were so cool (NOT!!) 

and now I have one in my BATHROOM!!

Of course it is only better when combined with the bright turquoise vanity, 

aqua walls, and 1980's black-n-brass era mirror!! 

Dig those faux marble counter tops too!!

And yes...that is my hubby who actually LIKES 

the forest in the bathroom!!

Ooops...almost forgot the pink sink, tub, and toilet combo!! 

I am thinking an old cast iron clawfoot tub might be more like it!!

We did love the old built in armoire and all the bead board which, 

when painted a more subdued color, will be awesome 

and very cottage-y!!

Want more??

I will post some more tomorrow as well as show you the 

beautiful fields of gold that surround us here

on the acreage.

Until then...pick yourself up from your laughing fit 

and tell me you see potential!! Please!!


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  1. There is actually a bunch in this post that I do like...Even the forest might work, if everything else was toned down... I just posted one of my bathroom redos, with a claw foot tub... I love the cabinets around the stove, too. Lezlee