July 29, 2010

Foggy summer mornings

It is so weird when it gets foggy here....

especially in the middle of summer!!

This morning when I woke up it looked so

strange to see...well....nothing!! lol

I had to go grab my camera and take a few photos

to share with you today.

Here is the view down the driveway

and here is looking into the fields??

and here is a cool old 

church pew we found in the pioneer barn

after we moved in

I have no idea how sturdy it is,

 but it looks like it may have been here a while!

This poor barn lost its roof a few years back 

and all the chinking between the logs has fallen out.

Plants grow out of the old straw in the "loft".

We are trying to decide if it will be 

worth it to rebuild it....I think it would be cool

but it might be a lot more work than 

the hubby wants to do!! lol

I also spent all day working on this area of the living room, 

which is proving to be a challenging room 

due to its shape but I do love the vaulted ceilings, 

the beams, and the open-ness of it

(you can't tell it is a massive room from this photo!)

I would like to:

1. repaint the wall....I HATE the peach colored walls!!

2. possibly paint the dresser? 

(it doesn't look very cottagey in the dark wood)

3. re-cover the big chair or make a slip cover

(this is a "chair and a half" which is

so comfy for reading or cuddles with the kids)

4. Possibly paint out the wood if hubby will let me

(there is tons of it and one whole 16 foot high wall 

of it near the kitchen and it just sucks the light out the room!)

5. Put down new wood floors...we had to rip out all the 

dog-peed shag carpet (harvest gold...mmmmm!!)

Anyways....this is just one corner of the room 

and I will share more as I unpack more stuff.

I was going to wait until everything was fixed up, 

but yesterday I was so grumpy and I want to see

 my treasures to make me feel more at home. 

Good news...it worked!!



  1. Karen... love the foggy photos! And LOVE the old pew... how cool!! Hope you can salvage it!


  2. The peach wall looks really pink in the photo. Be sure to show the new colour soon!!