July 23, 2010

Not everything is as it seems!!

Well...I have been very busy here at our

crooked little farmhouse as 

I begin to do some minor reno's in the kitchen.

The upper kitchen cabinets 

have been driving me crazy 

(they were all hung at slightly different heights)

and none of them could be made clean

even with serious scrubbing with TSP. 

So...I ripped them off the wall only

 to reveal a NEW surprise to deal with!!

Who would put lino on the freakin' walls?? 

Not to mention...there was a huge 

hole in the middle of said lino!!

Well...luckily I happened to have a box full 

of scrap tongue and groove pine that

 filled in the gaps quite nicely.

I then painted the kitchen in Martha Stewart 's 

new paint line in a color called Lemongrass. 

I opted for a semi-gloss finish as it is the kitchen 

and it should wear well on these walls.

We also decided to go for open shelving 

and I found the brackets at Ikea...

they are super easy to hang!! 

 I wish I could have found some big old 

corbels instead, but these will do for now 

(plus they are much more budget-friendly!!)

And yes...I know I need to finish painting 

the raw end of the shelf boards!!

My hand painted GROCERY sign

and a small collection of mixing bowls look great

with my red enamelware colander!

A cool vintage looking sign with 

an old ceramic canister that lost it's lid 

before I claimed it to corral my utensils.

My collection of vintage graphic

coffee mugs I found for just

$2 each at Surplus Herby's

(a rather odd surplus store in my old town)

ANd even some of my own artwork 

found a spot to rest next so the sugar...

isn't it sweet?? 

(sorry... stupid puns this early in the morning 

should not be permitted!! lol)

And look who found a nifty

place to hide from the kittens!!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Hopefully I will finish another 

project to share soon!

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  1. Wonderful...you made it look so easy!!

  2. Oh wow! What an amazation transformation!! I love the open shelving. Wish I could do that, but I don't have enough hidden storage now. It looks fabulous! Love all the cool vintage touches!!

  3. Gorgeous - it doesn't even look the same!

  4. Hahaha....that WAS the whole idea, Laurel!! Thanks for the compliments!

  5. What an amazing redo! Love it ~ Rebecca

  6. Very cool! Good thing you had the spare boards. Found your blog thru Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage.

  7. This turned out so well. I want to at least rip the doors off of mine! I just got to get the energy up to start it all. But you gave me encouragement.

  8. Nice job! I love the open shelf concept! I'm glad you were able to replace the flooring on the wall, strange!! :) Painted out looks seemless!

  9. Ok... I spit my coffee out on the lino on the wall part... how funny! Made me laugh! It all looks good! Love your little grocery sign and the kitty hiding in the bowl. And of course your art next to the sugar... very sweet. (it's Ok to have puns early in the morning) :)

    I also saw the bathroom post! All I could say was wow... LOL! Can't wait to see what you do with that! :)

  10. Great job on the kitchen. I enjoyed all your pics, but the best one is with the kitty in the bowl! Love it.
    Have a great weekend,

  11. What an awesome redo my friend...love the color you painted on the walls WOW!! looks wonderful, thanks for sharing...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. So pretty and even slightly unexpected! That's what I love about it. Uncommonly beautiful. Open shelving is really growing on me, although it still scares messy me. :)


  13. Love the lemongrass colour and the tongue and groove. I have the same IKEA brackets for the same reason!

  14. i love the open shelves!!! come on over and link up to MMM :)

  15. Oh, this looks wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!