April 26, 2010

The saga continues....

Well...our house inspection on the new property didn't go as planned.

So, now we have to call in a few experts and an engineer 

to look at the foundation of the original part of the farmhouse 

as well as someone to look at the collapsed septic field.

Oh the joys.

I suppose we could just walk away from the deal

but the place just felt so...US!!!

So, we will go a step further in the deal and figure out how 

much this is all going to cost for repairs etc

 before we make our next decision.

However....I do feel a bit in limbo right now!! lol

I will keep you all posted.



  1. Good luck! I hope everything works out. Its very hard when you've already falled in love with the house.

  2. Sending positive house energy your way!
    Health and happiness,

  3. Congratulations on getting your dream come true, Pam of the Vintage Chicks