April 23, 2010

We got it!!!

Sorry for the neglect...

but the past week has been a bit crazy!!

Last week we went and saw a cute 

little 1940's farmhouse that is for sale and 

we like it so much we put in an offer....

and we GOT it!!

Now we just need to sell our place.

So this past week has been about

cleaning up the house

and yard (and my

very full garage!)

so we can list it.

Now I have a for sale sign in my yard,

a storage unit full of my furniture projects

and a garage I can park in again!! lol

Now I can sit back and go through all my 

decorating books and blog photos and figure out where

to begin once we move!

I hope it's soon:0)



  1. Congratulations! That property looks like it'd be so fun to explore!

  2. Wow! CONGRATS!! That is so exciting. Always fun to dream about decorating a new (or at least new to you) space! Enjoy every moment!

  3. Absolutely so exciting! It looks great and I am thrilled for you! Lezlee

  4. Oh congratulations, that is so exciting for you! Hope your house sells really soon so you can get onto your move :)

  5. Congrats! Thats so exciting - i can't wait to see the home once you've moved in and show us some pics!!

  6. Congratulations. It is fun to plan what to do. Be sure to take lots of before pics!