April 13, 2010

Spring...where have you gone?

Last week it felt like spring here...

now all I want to do is go cuddle up

in my down duvet and read!

It is so COLD again!

The cold makes me move slower

and I don't feel like going out

to my garage to work so I am

limited to smaller projects

I can bring in the house...

where it is W-A-R-M!!

So here is what I made today 

out of a piece of scrap lumber my hubby

 dragged home!!

I am happily working through this pile of wood

and now I need to decide what else to make.

Does anyone know of a good website

with lots of vintage advertising stuff on it?

I am liking the vertical lettering on this one

and it would fit nicely in a corner or 

on a skinny wall like this one between the windows.

Anyways, I snapped a photo my two sidekicks

who were napping on the couch.

They usually travel from room to room with me...

especially the little brown one who is named Mocha.

The big white one is Gabriel...Gabe for short!

It's good to have friends to talk to when painting

otherwise I might to a bit batty!! lol

My darling hubby picked up this sad looking coffee table

for me today. She seriously needs some TLC but on the

heels of yesterday's project I think

it can be done!!

The top is solid wood so she can handle a good sanding.

The legs...well...I don't feel the love there yet

but we'll try a coat of paint before I make the final call

to replace them with something a little less chunky!!

Oh well... for now it will be nice to have a table to

 put our feet up on while reading!

All for today... time for

homework with the kids, scouts, and then bedtime.



  1. Thats Edmonton weather for ya - arent we lucky - today was COLD but i heard its supposed to get nice again soon so thats good news - i love today's project - did you have a stencil or did you just paint them on.

    I think a nice white paint job on that coffee table will make a huge huge difference - the legs might look less chunky in a lighter color - i look forward to seeing it when its done!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! We hopefully just had our last big rain! Im ready for spring!
    Take care

  3. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog -- I always enjoy getting feedback. :)

    Currently, I have a little giveaway on my blog which is open until April 24:


    Greetings from Munich,