April 18, 2010

Curve balls....

Have you ever started down a road and then...

in an instant...

your life changes with no warning!!

I mean seriously...

driving down a road and then you see IT.

That happened last week when we were out on

one of our country drives.

We saw this:

so we got a little closer...

and then at the end of the driveway...

we found the PERFECT country farmhouse...

and it is for SALE!!

We were not planning on moving.

My hubby HATES moving, but we have 

longed to back on an acreage since we moved away

from our starter home 

(a crappy double-wide trailer on 10 wooded acres!)

almost 10 years ago.

So we're taking the plunge...

keep your fingers crossed for us

as we put in an offer to purchase tomorrow!!



  1. I can just imagine how nice it will look in the fall with all those trees - whats the inside like?

  2. let's just say the inside has lots of "blog-food" in it!! We will be sharing farmhouse reno's for many years here!! lol