February 22, 2010

White Wednesday

Today is my first time playing along with Kathleen's White Wednesday theme over at Faded Charm. Since this is a brand new blog, I obviously have lots of things you have never seen before, so I will just show a few (and that way I can stretch it out over a few weeks worth of pics!!)

This is a small part of my white collection housed in my china cabinet....I love all the curves.

I also love old suitcases...they're not only great for extra storage room, they make a great little table! The white enamel pitcher was a Christmas gift from my hubby this year!

I admit I have a weakness for little ceramic pitchers, too...and I can't seem to leave a thrift store without one (or two!)

Hopefully tomorrow I will have an update on one the little tables I have been working on!


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  1. Karen, I really like your style! Your pictures are wonderful, marcia