February 26, 2010

Is it time to go thrifting???

Actually.... any time is a good time for thrifting in my opinion!

However, I tend to go thrifting in the morning after the kidlets have left for school and I have had a bit of blog browsing (with my caffeine beside me!) to inspire me.

Today was no exception. Here are my favorite finds of the day:

I am totally in LOVE with the carved wooden tray. At $14.99 I thought it was a fair price to pay for such a lovely piece. Now I need to decide if I am keeping it brown, or if I will paint it white....choices!!

This is the little silver metal souvenir. It even says made in France on the back, so I guess it authentic!! This little beauty is only 4" wide and I thought it would be light like the aluminum ones I have seen before...but this baby is SOLID!!

Last but not least, I found these cool vintage frames. I think I have a super cool project in mind for them, so I will share when they are done!!

Oh...almost forgot to mention my sweet little clock from the first picture. I have always hated the throbbing red glow of my electric clock....I am one of those people who like total darkness when I am sleeping and that clock seemed to burn through my eyelids! My hubby thinks I am crazy, but it's true!!
Anyways, when I saw this super simple battery clock I decided it was time to chuck the other one and go old school! Now... I only hope the alarm works. Guess I will find out Monday morning, right??


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  1. I enjoyed your pink Saturday feature very much. I could not figure out how to leave you a comment.