February 22, 2010

For the love of weekends....

Rarely do I get to have such a relaxing weekend. 
Saturday morning we did a little thrifting with the family. 
Our boys love this family sport  activity as much as I do! I found a cool mirror (only $9.99 for the front entry I think) that will be getting a new paint job today, as well as a pair of cowboy boots I have been hunting for (a steal at $14.99)

 I was pretty pleased with my finds.

On Saturday evening I hosted my monthly Bunco group and we shared a huge chocolate fountain 
with all the fixin's in between rounds. I have never eaten so much chocolate in my life and now I think I won't be touching the stuff for a few weeks! I moved some of my furniture around to accommodate the dozen ladies who were coming over and found a new vignette that I had to take a photo of....I love what happens when you find a surprising new arrangement by accident!

This striped chair is from my dining room. It is from a set we found on Kijiji and they were originally stained with ugly southwestern type fabric on them...they begged to be painted & re-covered! I used Ikea "Lenda" fabric (it reminds me of linen but much less expensive and with kids, they may need to be re-done a few more times!!) and then painted "feed sack stripes" on them.

Now I see I need to add a bit of artwork or maybe an arrangement of white plates in that empty spot on the wall. Will it compete with the stripes?? Or the other photos?? How much is too much??

After the late night (ok...1 a.m. is late for this gal!), I had a truly lazy Sunday. 
In the afternoon, I crawled into bed with a huge stack of books...
...and when I got sleepy I took a nap.

Pretty glorious!

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  1. Hi Karen,
    I'm glad I found your new site. Don't you hate when you pick out the perfect name and find out someone has it or something similar? I've already changed it on my blog site so your all set with me. I like the new name and the spelling.
    Take care and have a great day.