February 24, 2010

Forcing Nature

I am so tired of the snow and cold....I live in Edmonton and we had the coldest winter ever. I mean...seriously...we were colder than Siberia this year (honestly...check the records!!) and every day when I talk to my Mom she tells me how her daffodils will be blooming soon (hi mom) and that it is raining...again! Like that's a bad thing?? lol

So yesterday when I was at Walmart picking up kitty litter, I somehow ended up over in the craft section getting seduced by all the imitation flowers. I know...they look so cheesy (especially the ones at Walmart!) but at only $1.49 a bunch I couldn't help myself! I WANT SPRING!!!

So for those of you who are winter weary...you fully have my permission to force nature and buy some instant spring....these little snowdrops just made my day.

I finished painting the green mirror I got thrifting the other day. I just didn't seem right to leave it emerald green!! Oh...and I do have other walls in my house so this blog will not feature only my living room!! lol Right now, it is just the most "convenient" spot to take photos (um yeah...did I mention I have three boys? Need I say more?)

I am sharing this over at Faded Charm's White Wednesday.
Come join me!


  1. I luv your WAL-MART flowers:) Your mirror looks great painted WHITE...Happy WW! Come by and check out my new THRIFTY party and giveaway...I think you might luv it!


  2. I just tossed my white poinsettias from Christmas. They were still looking just fine but, like you, I needed Spring time in the house even if there is still snow on the ground. I pulled my bunny rabbit vase out and will go outside later today and pick some whitish branches to put it in to force the buds to open. HWW

  3. That is one pretty mirror!

    Happy WW!

  4. Oh, spring fever! Very pretty and your mirroe turned out great!

  5. I think these look great. Add anything to an old cool bottle and it looks wonderful. Hope you warm up soon.