February 23, 2010

Inspired changes....

Yesterday I posted about a happy accident I had while re-arranging furniture in my living room.
Well....I liked the chair there so much I did a total re-do of that side of my living room!! 

I was given this old jam cupboard from a very nice elderly couple I met on Kijiji and had planned on re-painting it. However, once I hauled it from the garage into the living room I actually kind of liked the soft, buttery color it already was. So....with a little LOT of elbow grease I managed to get it cleaned up (it looked like some of the jam somehow exploded all over the front/sides of this cupboard....and I'm not talking about the inside yet....yikes!!)

Anyhow... I moved a second chair over to flank the other side of the cupboard....I am terribly anal about symmetry (blame my engineer husband for that one!!) I am not completely happy with the arrangement on top yet,  I quickly grabbed a pair of silver candlesticks and a milk glass compote I had sitting nearby so I could take a photo before it got dark!! Anyways, I will probably work on it a bit more so I have something to post for White Wednesday.

This will be my next challenge....it is the OTHER side of the living room wall. I have never been really keen on the Ikea stuff...too modern for my taste but it has served it's function as extra storage in the front entry. 

The schoolhouse chalk board is an antique I found when we lived in Vancouver (for just $5) and could really use a new coat of chalkboard paint as it is very difficult to write on. 

Here is the TO DO list:

1. Move out all furniture
2. take down chalk board
3. fill/sand holes in wall
4. paint wall (maybe a soft blue...
or taupe to be safe!!)
5. move dresser from living room into front hall

and then the fun part begins.... figuring out what to fill the wall with!! I really like the whole "empty frame" thing I have seen on a few blogs....or maybe a mirror (maybe that green one) with an arrangement of mismatched saucers....or maybe the chalkboard again....TOO MANY IDEAS!!
I think I will need to go dig through my idea files and see what I can come up with.

Until then...see you tomorrow!

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  1. I am the same way with symmetry. I have a tough time getting out of that! Anyway, the cabinet and chairs look very nice. I also love the stripes and family photos.